Training and on-boarding for Agents new to working with Property Searches Direct

Welcome to the Property Searches Direct training page. 


You should have received your bespoke 'Get Legally Prepared' web page by now, if so, you are ready to get started. If not, order yours from here.


Everything we do is to help speed up your transactions and pipeline. By speeding up your sales you will see fewer fall through’s and have happier clients. We provide unique solutions to differentiate your service that will help win you more instructions.


Educate your Sellers and show them what 'they' need to do to help 'you' get them moved. Remember, you are the expert as most people in the UK move on average every 23 years! 


Don't worry, we're with you all the way and don't expect you to do all the hard work.


We have put together a series of short videos to cover the most important elements of helping a client to Get Legally Prepared.


If you need more help after watching the series, please feel free to get in touch to arrange a Zoom meeting with one of our team where we can spend time with you to discuss things in more detail and share some ideas on best practice.

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