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Buying Property
Buying Property

Buying Property?

I'm just getting started

Get in touch with us and arrange to meet with our mortgage advisors so that we can help establish your budget and affordability. As soon as that has happened we can do the fun bit and search for your dream property.

I've found a property to buy

If you have already found a property to buy and have agreed a purchase price, get the ball rolling with your mortgage broker as soon as possible. 


Then you need to get your searches underway if there is no Search Pack available from the Vendor. Head for our Hazard Checker to see which Search Pack you should order today based on the hazards that exist in that postcode area.

Getting your Searches under way as soon as possible will provide you with vital information. For example, the Environmental reports will help suggest which type of survey to have and whether the property has any issues regarding flooding or ground instability.


In some areas we experience delays with Searches and so the sooner they are ordered the less chance you have of your purchase being delayed.

Selling Property
Buying Property

Selling property?

Just going to the market?

Instruct Alexander Russell Estate Agents and discuss getting Legally Prepared.

Complete your Legal Protocol Forms without the need to print, as editable versions are available to download below. This will help to speed up your sale when you have a buyer.

Gather all useful documents such as boiler service agreements and double glazing guarantees etc. and keep them somewhere safe as they will all be needed when a contract is sent to your buyers conveyancer.

Property Information Form (TA6)

Fixtures and Contents Form (TA10)

Leasehold Information Form (TA7)
If selling Leasehold

Order your Search Pack now

By ordering your Search Pack as you go to the market, you can significantly shorten the time taken for your sale to go through. It will also provide you with information that may need to be addressed before a sale is agreed.


The cost of these Searches may be negotiated with your buyers, if you so wish, given that Searches are Property Specific and NOT Client Specific. Searches need to be no older than 6 months at the point of completion, ideally.

After the 6 month period the buyers conveyancer has the option to re-commission or indemnify as they see fit.

Visit our Hazard Checker and buy your Searches today.

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