Hazard Checker 

It is simple to use, just enter a postcode and click submit.

The results will show potential hazards for the postcode submitted that will be investigated in the Environmental Reports contained in a Search Pack.  A link to our shop will then be provided below the results so that a Pack can be purchased if required. 

Feel free to call us if you get stuck.

If you are looking for the Hazards relating to a new build property and the postcode is yet to be registered please email us and our team will complete a manual search for you based on postcodes in the immediate vicinity and get back to you as soon as possible.

We check for flood data relating to river, coastal and surface water
We look for mining related and natural ground instability, ground movement, Radon, oil and gas
We check residential sites likely to be impacted by proposed local improvements and/or HS2
We look for contamination on a site which can occur naturally worsen over time or be from a single event.
Check against Energy & Infrastucture changes that could affect the value and enjoyment of a property