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When it comes to ID and AML procedures, we are fans of Credas solutions. Enable Home Movers to complete the process remotely, capturing selfies and appropriate documentation in a secure app in minutes. See the steps below.

The App is available to download via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Your clients can start their ID/AML journey easily online here. If you would like to offer this solution, please get in contact with us and we will take the burden of ID/AML checks off your hands.

Credas ID Steps

Due Diligence Reports

We work closely with Armalytix to provide Home Movers with access to various financial reports that are commonly requested by Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Conveyancers during the moving process.

Sometimes getting the information required can be time consuming for all involved, which is why we have teamed up with Armalytix to enable us to deliver the required reports quickly and easily within a secure environment.

No more asking clients to print off bank statements or try and prove account ownership details.

Below are the reports that we make available to Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Conveyancers. Some of which Home Movers will likely be asked to order. 

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Take a look at the video below as it will help to give you assurance about the solutions being offered.

Source of Funds

The Source of Funds report uses a secure Open Banking solution to compile a consolidated report of transactions and balances on Bank Accounts so that Home Movers can quickly deliver 3 months or more bank statements from their main and relevant associated savings accounts to prove that funds are available and are retained in legitimate accounts.

Get the report here

Commonly used by Solicitors / Conveyancers and Mortgage Brokers. 

Proof of Funds

The Proof of Funds report will deliver the sum of bank balances without revealing any transactional information. When Home Movers need to prove that they have sufficient funds, perhaps to support an offer that they are making on a property, this is the report to use.

Get the report here

Commonly used by Developers and Estate Agents 

Account Verification Report

The Account Verification Report enables individuals and businesses to prove bank account ownership details in a single report.  Anyone that is to receive a large sum of money will be required to confirm that the bank details provided are verified so as to ensure the safe delivery of funds. This reports helps to eliminate any doubt over account validity and gives assurance that the funds are not going to be fraudulently intercepted. 

Get the report here

Commonly used by Solicitors / Conveyancers, Accountants and Lenders (any business making payments to another bank account)

All reports are available to buy on our Home Movers Page.