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Property Searches Direct know that not everything is within your control as a property buyer.
You may find yourself in a position where your purchase falls through, perhaps a failed survey, the vendor changed their minds or agreed a sale to someone else. 


It can be a stressful and expensive time.

This is why we provide our clients with the option to obtain a Search Fee Guarantee that is designed to supply you with an equivalent 2nd pack for Free, should your purchase fail to complete for reasons out of your control.


All we ask is that you complete our Search Fee Guarantee Claim Form within 6 months of the original purchase, for which we will confirm your claim details and supply you with a 100% Discount voucher to use in our shop for your next pack as quickly as possible. 

To apply for your 100% Discount code please complete this form in full.
Select the reason for your claim

Thank you for sending us that information. Your claim will be processed as soon as possible and we will contact you directly with your discount code as soon as confirmed.