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Probably like most conveyancers you are under pressure to speed up your cases.


But what can you realistically do?


If you are fed up with constantly being bombarded with calls, why not empower your introducers to help you?


Encourage your agents to enable their vendors to get legally prepared. Why not get involved?

  • STOP taking as much money on account to cover Searches

  • RELIEVE some administrative and accounts burdens

  • SELLERS buy the appropriate Searches from us DIRECT for their onward purchase

  • Our Hazard Checker makes ordering searches fool proof in our online shop. We CHECK all orders manually.

  • SELLERS complete protocol forms in readiness for a sale as they go to the market. They are available to download from our site

  • YOU receive a new instruction from your introducer with a full Search pack and forms complete

  • No more trying to win on delivering Quotes, you can now win on Pro-activity and Supporting your Introducers.

That couldn't work -  could it? INTERESTED?