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Estate Agent Today Feature 20-01-2021
Estate Agent Today Feature 21-11-2020
The Negotiator 27/10/2020
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Today's Conveyancer 24-08-2020
The Negotiator 25-08-2020

'"I couldn't agree more. I have always advocated this" 


Delivering Searches Directly To Buyers

Property Searches Direct deliver Searches to conveyancers and now crucially, to property buyers direct.


Getting sight of Environmental reports sooner can help secure a transaction.

Today's Conveyancer - 24/08/2020

Is the housing market walking into stamp duty deadline disaster?

Property search firm claims too many agents and home movers don't realise the urgency of the situation despite the cut-off date being five months away.

The Negotiator - 27/10/2020

Stamp duty holiday has exposed industry’s ‘progression problem’

Property search firm chief pulls few punches as he exposes how buyer and vendor expectations are often poorly managed by agents.

The Negotiator - 03/02/2021

Where we couldn't have said it better ourselves:

Change what you are doing!: 

Where are the Searches?:

Weak leadership threatens innovation:

Where is all the Stock? How can you get in touch with it?

Helping your marketplace to get better organised is a powerful consideration.


It is a completely different conversation to have with prospective clients, as it is not asking about whether they are looking to sell, but about how you can help them to improve their moving experience whenever that may be in a few months or a few years. 

Estate Agent Today - 10/11/2021

Former agent helps launch unique DIY property search service for buyers

Home buyers can now order property searches and drainage water searches direct via an online service that claims to be the first of its kind in the UK.

The Negotiator - 25/08/2020

Is a collaborative conveyancing solution the answer?

Searches that are bound by the Search Code, protecting the seller, buyer and lender, are property and not client specific. As such, it doesn't matter who orders them but when they are ordered.

Estate Agent Today - 21/11/2020

The SDLT ‘Cliff Edge’ is just one of thousands, isn’t it?

It is amazing to see so much chatter and debate about the SDLT deadline and how everyone is going to make it; whether it should be extended or feathered out or remain a ‘cliff edge’. 

Today's Conveyancer - 03/02/2021

Estate Agents - Breaking habits to deliver different results

It’s a big ask to expect anyone to suddenly change what they have always done, particularly if their results have proven to be of great benefit to the business. 

But change has to be adopted.

Estate Agent Today - 21/7/2021

ITV drama was right – badly done ID/AML is an open door to scams

MD of Property Searches Direct asks why some estate agents still risk everything by not using tech to keep the fraudsters out of the property market. 

The Negotiator - 31/2/2022

Estate agents offered first ever free property hazards searches

A recently-launched search company has begun offering estate agents and buyers a free service that flags up any major hazards a property may have before a sale progresses to searches.

The Negotiator - 24/09/2020

Is the property industry at a crossroads?

The property market became somewhat fractious during 2020. After receiving a much-needed boost with the promise of stamp duty relief, things got really busy. 

Estate Agent Today - 20/01/2021

Property market evolution - it's a balancing act for all of us

The UK property market is always evolving but never as quickly as it is now. Traditional estate agents are seriously questioning the need for their swanky high street offices and the inevitable overheads.

Estate Agent Today - 07/04/2021

Air pollution search launched for conveyancers and home movers

A new report aimed at educating home movers on air quality around their prospective new home has been launched. 


APS’s AirChecker™️ provides the most comprehensive information on air quality available for consumers. 

Today's Conveyancer - 01/09/2021

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton of Property Searches Direct says there is an easy answer to prevent no completions and speed up sales.

The Negotiator - 31/5/2023

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