About Us

We are passionate about speeding up the house buying and selling processes

Property Searches Direct are dedicated to disrupting the traditional Property Search Market by offering Searches and Environmental Reports Direct to Home Movers and conveyancers, thus speeding up transaction times. 

We work closely with all Stakeholders in the Home Moving process to drive maximum efficiencies and support better Collaboration for all involved.


We enable Home Movers to complete Protocol Forms as they go on to the market to better prepare themselves for sale, as this significantly speeds up the conveyancing process with information being available right at the start. We enable property buyers to order Searches on their Purchase and Sellers to order searches for auction packs.

The current system is generally considered 'not fit for purpose' with a 34% Fall Though Rate often occurring due to the unexpected length of transactions.

  • We are the First Search Company to have made Searches available to Buyers and Sellers Direct

  • We are the First Search Company to provide a Publicly available Hazard Checker to check for Search Alerts

  • We are the First Search Company to make Freely available all Property Protocol Forms without the need for a conveyancing quote via our Logbooks

  • We are the First Search Company to champion getting legally prepared by working with Estate Agents, Conveyancers and Home Movers Direct by utilising Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions


Daniel Hamilton-Charlton
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Daniel Hamilton-Charlton

Managing Director

e: daniel@propertysearchesdirect.co.uk

Dan started in the property industry in 1994 and has been involved in Estate Agency, Panel Management of Property and Legal Transactions, Legal Service Provision, Web Design, Searches and Legal Technology.

Mike Stainsby
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Mike Stainsby
Sales & Marketing Director

e: mike@propertysearchesdirect.co.uk

Mike's property career started in 1984 and has encompassed estate agency, DEA training, property franchise sales and business development, more latterly provision of technology platforms to deliver searches'