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We would love to work with you and your business

If you are fed up with your business being treated like a number and would rather get back to a closer working relationship with a supplier, then we are here to help.  We offer professional solutions with a bit more of a hug.

When it comes to Searches we have solutions that can make things as simple as you would like to get. We appreciate just how busy you are, so let us help you to press the simplify button.

Decide how you would like to work with us by choosing from our four options or by having all of them at your disposal.

Do it yourself

Use our easy to use platform to Place, Chase and Receive all your Search needs.

We will look at the commercials surrounding all of your preferred products, put together some packs that will provide a discount for your clients and ensure that you are presented with a familiar environment in which to place and chase orders.  All fairly straight forward.


All orders are checked by our mapping team and then placed for fulfilment.

Reports can come back when they are all complete or as they complete, the choice is yours.

Go Concierge

We agree the commercials around your preferred products and search packs ensuring that you have a clear understanding of standard charges for your products.


All your teams need to do it send us an email to a dedicated email address containing the subject property address, a ledger reference, their needs and we take care of the rest.


Orders are mapped and placed for you and you sit back and relax (yeah right!).

Reports can come back when they are all complete or as they complete, the choice is yours.

Best of Both

Whichever you decide, both solutions are available to you and your teams.

So if you have some time and want to get involved you can access the order platform. If you are pushed for time and want to throw an email at us, that works too.

If you have elected to be emailed all the reports on completion but then decide that you want to access something sooner, all reports that are already complete await you in our platform.

Funds to Collect

Take the pressure off and remove the hassle of collecting clients funds for Searches.

Simply place a Funds to Collect Order when you are ready and we will do it all for you.

We'll engage with the client, collect funds, place the order and deliver the reports to you whilst you get on with progressing files.

You no longer need to account for the funds, be concerned about clients not being happy for you to spend their money and your accounts team can avoid getting involved at all.

Call Center

5-Star Customer Service

Whether you are a home seller, buyer, property professional or conveyancer, we deliver exceptional customer service 7 days a week.

We are available to help identify the reports most suited for the transaction and deliver bespoke solutions for home movers.

Don't just take our word for it

Integrated Solutions

No matter what you need our systems are integrated with the largest suppliers in the industry to ensure that you get the report you need as quickly as possible.

When you place an order with us, our systems will engage a vast network of suppliers to cater for Local Authority Searches, Environmental reports from Groundsure, Landmark, FCI and more as well as Drainage & Waters reports for property transactions throughout England & Wales.  All supplied reports comply with lender requirements, are CoPSO Regulated, Search Code Compliant and from Property Codes Compliance Board registered suppliers.

Reports are distributed as they complete to you and your conveyancer to save time.

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