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Take a look at some of the product samples below.

Whatever your preference of supplier, we have your needs covered. The products below are not an exhaustive list of what we can supply so please get in touch and let us know what you are looking for.

Better in a Bundle

We offer discounts when products are bundled together. We are happy to discuss your needs and volumes to come up with something unique for you too.

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Future Climate Info Standard Residential (<0.25 ha)

The FCI Standard Residential report will identify environmental, flood, and ground stability risks (with a Professional Opinion provided on all data).

Groundsure Homebuyers

Groundsure Homebuyers reviews flood, contaminated land and ground stability risks to provide comprehensive due diligence for a residential property.

Future Climate Info Essential (< 0.25Ha)

The FCI Essential report will identify environmental and flood risks (with a Professional Opinion provided on all data), meeting the requirements of the Law Society’s guidance on flooding and contaminated land.

Future Climate Info Premium (< 0.25Ha)

The FCI Standard Premium report will identify environmental, flood, ground stability and Energy & Infrastructure risks (with a Professional Opinion provided on all data).

Groundsure Avista

An environmental property search report powered by Groundsure that includes seven key searches: Contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability, other environmental risks such as radon, energy searches including fracking, transportation and planning.

Groundsure Estate

Groundsure Estate is designed to protect residential investors against environmental risks and liabilities associated with the purchase of large sites

Groundsure Flood

This report provides a detailed assessment of flood risk, and the impacts flooding could have on your client’s property.

Groundsure Floodview

Groundsure Floodview is a comprehensive flood risk search for commercial properties, consisting of a fully interpreted flood risk assessment and a view on the likely availability of flood risk insurance for the property.

Groundsure Ground Stability

Groundsure Ground Stability

Groundsure Homescreen

Groundsure Homescreen enables solicitors to comply with the requirements of the Law Society Practice Note on Contaminated Land.

Groundsure Planning

Groundsure utilises the most accurate and complete planning history data from its sister Emap company, Glenigan, to provide GroundSure Planning.

Groundsure Screening (With Professional Opinion) up to 15 hectares

The report includes detailed environmental data on contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability and geological hazards and utilises a range of datasets to ensure a reliable overview of risk.

Landmark Envirosearch Residential

Landmark Envirosearch Residential.

Landmark Envirosearch, Plansearch Plus, and Mining and Subsidence Combined

Envirosearch + Plansearch Plus + Mining and Subsidence.

Landmark Homecheck Flood

The Homecheck Flood report is able to differentiate between properties within a flood plain and those on higher ground which face reduced or no risk.

Landmark Homecheck Pro

Homecheck Professional provides comprehensive and easy to read reports, in the five key areas that are not covered by standard searches.

Landmark Plansearch Plus

Plansearch Plus provides information about proposed developments, planning decisions on larger applications and essential information about the specified area.

Landmark Sitecheck Planning

Sitecheck Planning provides info on planning applications within 500m of the property, current and emerging development plans, and the latest flooding data.

Argyll - SiteSolutions Residence

SiteSolutions Residence provides an assessment of contaminated land, flood and subsidence risk, along with Energy & Infrastructure alerts.

Landmark Sitecheck Combined

Sitecheck Combined is an environmental and flood risk assessment for commercial properties. As well as providing an indication as to whether a site could be contaminated, it provides a comprehensive assessment of all major sources of flooding.

Landmark Sitecheck Flood

Sitecheck Flood is a fully interpreted flood risk report providing commercial advice, analysing the latest data from JBA Risk Management, GeoSmart Information Ltd, Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, and British Geological Survey.

UK Radon Risk

A report to confirm whether or not the property is in a radon affected area.

Argyll - EstateSolutions Farm

Specialist contaminated land and flood risk report for farms and large land holdings. Also includes extensive data such as the existence of environmental permits, water abstraction licences, and sensitive habitats.

FloodSolutions Commercial

Designed for high value transfers, use FloodSolutions Commercial to find out the overall risk of flooding with and without defences. Know if a full Flood Risk Assessment is required for development under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

FloodSolutions Consult

FloodSolutions Consult is A fully manually assessed, site specific flood report, providing a clear summary of flood risk issues, likely flood depths and the overall impact at the property.

Coal Authority CON29M

CON29M Non-Residential Coal Authority Report

Groundsure CON29M Residential

TerraFirma Coal CON29M - Residential

TerraFirma Coal CON29M - Commercial

TerraFirma Ground Report Incl CON29M - Residential

Product Card

TerraSearch Ground Report Incl CON29M - Commercial

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