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Getting your Search order underway

Given that on average a conveyancer/solicitor can take 6.5 weeks to place an order for your Searches, it is wise to get an order placed as soon as possible.  When you buy them yourself, you do not need to place your conveyancer in funds to enable them to buy them for you later in the transaction.

During the pandemic, the property and legal industries witnessed massive delays that drove progressive firms like us to find solutions to help speed up your move.

Getting the Search order started as close to the start of the process is critical to reducing stress and speeding up the transaction.  This is why we make it a condition of reservation.

Please use the link below to get your Search order underway now.  Don't forget to use our unique discount promo code during the checkout process to save you some money, as well as time:

use  EtopiaHomes-05

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