Working closely with UK based property investment companies

Property Searches Direct are dedicated to supporting clients looking to invest in property.

We work closely with Property Investment Management Agents like Casnor to provide ID/AML services, Source / Proof of Funds Solutions, access to dedicated conveyancing services and direct access to Local Authority Searches, Drainage & Water reports and Environmental Reports for investors. 

We work closely with all Stakeholders in the Home Moving process to drive maximum efficiencies and support better Collaborations to speed up transaction timescales and reduce fall through rates. 


By enabling Investors to purchase Searches and Environmental Reports they are able to see sight of vital information within hours of seeing a property for them to make informed decisions with a complete overview of Flood Risk, Ground Stability, Radon, Energy and Infrastructure and Contaminated Land that could adversely affect their decisions to proceed.  By seeing results within a few hours, money and time can be saved by not proceeding with a purchase that might otherwise have aborted several weeks down the line.

The current system is generally considered 'not fit for purpose' with a 34% Fall Though Rate often occurring due to the unexpected length of transactions.

  • We are the First Search Company to have made Searches available to Buyers and Sellers Direct

  • We are the First Search Company to provide a Publicly available Hazard Checker to check for Search Alerts

  • We are the First Search Company to make Freely available all Property Protocol Forms without the need for a conveyancing quote

  • We are the First Search Company to champion getting legally prepared by working with Estate Agents, Conveyancers and Home Movers Direct by utilising Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions (CCS)

Through our experience of the market we give you access to all the Searches and related products that you should ever need.  Please get in touch for more details or, if you are a Home Mover you may wish to start here to understand what a Search is and how we can help you, direct.

If you are aware of what a search is and need to get ready for your next move head to our Hazard Checker page to get your searches underway. 

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ID / AML Verification and Financial Reports

Whether you are buying or selling a property you will need an ID/AML report to prove your identity to Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors so don't be surprised. We provide access to the Credas Verification technology product that enables you to prove your identity without having to leave the comfort of your sofa. If the business that you are engaging with still requires to see you in person, do refer them to us as we would be delighted to discuss better options with them.

We also offer a range of financial reports below. If you have been asked to provide either of these, please follow the appropriate link below to get started. 

For more information about these products please visit the following page.