Order Your Credas ID
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 STEP 1 

Place an order by clicking on the 'Order Here' button on this page, completing the order details and then checking out in our online shop.  Make certain to name the business and office location that has asked you to place the order. 

 STEP 2 

Once you have completed your order, we will send you an invitation containing your unique user code (not to be shared with anyone else). Use this code to access the App. that you will download at Step 3.

 STEP 3 

Download the App for Free via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

and enter your unique reference code that was sent to you by email or text.

Don't want to download an App?

Start the process at the following address on a smart phone/tablet with a camera


 STEP 4 

Follow the step by step guide in the App to complete the process. Read each section carefully to ensure that we receive the correct information and images.

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Credas ID Steps