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Reality Check - Why we do what we do for home movers.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Did you know that it takes a conveyancer, on average, 6.5 weeks to order the searches for a property purchase? The Conveyancing Association have confirmed this fact on more than one occasion over the past year.

This is why we provide direct access to search ordering for buyers of property to significantly reduce conveyancing timescales. In some areas this can save a significant amount of time.

EXAMPLE: Why wouldn't a property coming to the market at the end of August assume that a move before Christmas was possible?

Let's explain.

In an area where local authority searches are taking 40 working days, a property coming to the market today (29th Aug) is unlikely to complete this side of Christmas due to the way that the conveyancers work and estate agents fail to prepare or enable clients.

There is every chance that the Estate Agent would say, with some confidence that a move before Christmas was possible, without actually considering how the conveyancing process works.

Let’s assume a really saleable property goes on the market on 29th August, the sale is agreed on 9th September, the sellers Conveyancer is formally instructed on the sale by the 16th September as there was a delay getting completed paperwork from their client. The contract pack is finally sent out on 23rd September. The buyers Conveyancer, on average, will order the Searches on 10th November meaning that the Local Authority Search returns on 12th January next year.

We are trying to change the processes. This is how what we do makes a big difference.

The Solution:

We enable the Seller to complete all of the legal paperwork during marketing and instruct a conveyancer to become contract ready ahead of the sale being agreed. This way they are much closer to being contract ready.

We ask the selling agent to ask the buyer to pay for and order the Searches direct with us as soon as the sale is agreed on 9th September. When this is done, the Local Authority Search returns on 4th November. Leaving loads of time ahead of Christmas to exchange and complete.

A small change in process can make such a big difference to timescales, peoples stress levels and the chance of sales falling through due to frustrations or missed timescales.

Want to get ahead and complete your Legal Protocol forms and enable your buyers to have access to Search ordering to speed up the transaction?

You can avoid a 6.5 weeks delay just by just asking the buyer to obtain the searches direct, rather than waiting for the conveyancer.

Want to buy your Searches and need to provide your conveyancer with some information about what they will be receiving? Send them this.

Visit our Home Movers Page to take control and make a big difference.


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