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Hackney Council Cyber Attack Update

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

No personal search service at London Borough of Hackney

Ever since the cyber attack occurred at the London Borough of Hackney Council in October 2020, they have been unable to access or provide information that is held in the Local Land Charges register and CON29/0.

"Property Searches Direct received an update from the Local Authority advising that they have been able to retrieve some information on the Local land Charges register and CON29/0 and will only be able to provide results for a partial search report. This report will provide elements of the LLC1 and CON29/0 but will not cover a full search."

Hackney Council have stated that they are not going to be able to provide a personal search service for the foreseeable future given that the have no public register available.

Anyone wishing to buy property in this Council area has been unable to obtain a Local Authority Search since the attack meaning that anyone dependent on a mortgage has been unable to progress with their purchase. However, this should not spell doom for everyone.

Anyone who has a lender that is receptive to an indemnity policy should consider our OneSearch Express Product This reports contains 70% of the data usually found in a full local authority Search, bundled up with an indemnity policy to insure the gaps in data. it is typically returned within 2-5 working days and would enable people to push their purchases through ahead of the impending SDLT deadline (correct at the time of publishing).

Anyone considering this as an option should liaise with their conveyancer to confirm the suitability of the product before committing to buying one from the Property Searches Direct Shop.

This is an option that very few people in the marketplace are aware of, but could end up being a real transaction-saver.

Property Searches Direct set out to ensure that Searches were no longer the excuse for deadlines being hit, and this is just another example of how we strive to ensure that appropriate solutions are made available to Home Movers to speed up transaction times.

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