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Keep It Simple Stupid! Everyone likes a KISS, even in a pandemic.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I was asked to fill in a real paper form and actually sign my name recently and realised how alien it all felt. I genuinely couldn’t remember the last time I did it, strangely there’s a cheque book in my office drawer gathering dust, another throwback to yesteryear.

Having used an iPhone for over 10 years and exploited the document sharing facility with all my devices, this is the new normal for most of us. Who actually writes stuff down these days? When you do, where do you actually put it?

Tech is big, tech is good, tech is all-encompassing - right? Well, it can be but only when the solution makes things genuinely easier and is simple to adopt. Times change and tech tries to keep up, and vice versa, my watch now knows I am wearing a face covering and unlocks my phone for me! I have three other ‘dumb’ watches sitting on my nightstand waiting for the day that I just want to know the time.

Often though tech can be unnecessarily complicated and I believe that both Estate Agents and the legal profession are bombarded with and obsessed by tech solutions, most of which cost a fortune. Look at taking on a new CRM or CMS for your agency or practise, some will run into tens or even hundreds of thousands.

What if you didn’t need to sign up for a new anything, didn't have to install a new server or pay a monthly subscription? What if there was a simple way to modernise and improve output without spending a small fortune?

Well, there is! If data was sought for a transaction as soon as a property was placed on the market it could be made available to everyone immediately. There would be total transparency throughout the chain. Home movers crave some form of control in their transactions and at PSD this is exactly what we give them.

Estate Agents are used to the sales process being rather arduous and stressful and buckle up for the ride. They need only ask sellers to visit our site to order their Searches and download legal protocol forms to save weeks, if not months, from their transactions.

Conveyancers understandably like to make sure that a transaction is rock solid before they apply for any data and ‘waste’ client funds, after all, clients are paying for their experience and over 30% of transactions never make it to completion. If all of the sellers that came to them had already bought their Searches and transferred them to their buyer they could concentrate on rights of ways, contracts, tree preservation orders, mortgage offers and the like.

As a Conveyancer, you may enjoy ordering and waiting for Searches and feel that it is your job to send protocol forms when formal instruction are received. You may look forward to weekly chats with random sales progressors and placating clients that feel let down.

You may prefer to outsource the burden of Search ordering altogether?

As an Agent you could go off and find a really expensive piece of tech that answers the phone, makes your coffee and posts all your listings on all the portals but has little or no effect on speeding up your sales. There is, however, a simple, robust, tried and tested one available for FREE today.

Just ask us know how Collaborative Conveyancing can help you today.


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