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When did your conveyancing practice last have an MOT?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Running a successful conveyancing practice is tough and is getting harder to get right. If you are struggling to find a balance and would like a fresh pair of eyes and a helping hand, this could really be of interest.

Whether you are a specialist conveyancer or part of a multi-disciplined larger firm the pressure is on. Conveyancing is a service that brings a multitude of new clients through your door and if handled correctly they should stay with you for life. Home movers will theoretically use your other departments for matrimonial work, wills, probate, etc.

So if a conveyancing department is a 'gateway' does it really need to make money? Only you can answer that BUT if any of the statements below ring true maybe you need some help. Of the 4,000 law firms that offer conveyancing services in the UK, you may very well not be alone!

'Pricing for each new conveyancing matter is often left to chance'

Pricing should be mandated for a reason; conveyancing is detailed and complicated and needs to be carried out by those with the appropriate skills. Mistakes can be costly as reflected in ever-increasing PII renewals for the industry.

'We don't know our worth, or exactly what to charge in our location(s)'

Mystery shopping will show exactly where your prices sit in your marketplace, we do that for free!* We will even ask the local agents for their opinions too if you can bear to hear the truth?

'We're not salespeople!'

Recruit salespeople or train your staff accordingly - we provide virtual sales seminars for your front-line staff to improve their techniques. Do you have a member of staff working in a completely different department that might be perfectly suited to it?

(Note: A local Estate Agent that you speak to every day might like a change of pace and come and work for you! Why not ask around?)

'We don't have a self-service quote and instruct platform on our website'

You need one primarily because it is open 24/7, and many potential customers that visit your site will want prices immediately. We provide a branded, tried and tested quote and instruct platform for your website that hoovers up all of your opportunities. It is NOT set cheaper than your typical base fees, it is more expensive as you don't put your cheap goods in your shop window.

Clients won't pay those prices around here!

You might just be surprised; you may lose some business but what you retain is better quality, 100 matters at £500 is better than 150 at £300 - PLUS it's less work. Most of those clients that shop on price will likely be the ones that will be awful to work for, let them go elsewhere!

How do we add value to our Introducer networks?

We will work closely with your introducers to provide them with tools that communicate directly with YOU thus minimising stress and inefficiencies.

What about post-completion and looking after our clients?

We offer unique, branded solutions to enable you to keep in touch with your clients automatically and help them store vital documents ready for when they want to move again.

So if you scrutinised your own firm how would you fare? Would you pass with flying colours or have a long list of advisories?

Take a look at how we can help your business, from a chat online to a full training course. CLICK HERE or call us on 0333 090 9187

*Mystery shopping is carried out for FREE when ordered as part of a training course.

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