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If you want to buy property searches online and help to speed up your property transaction, you are in the right place!

We provide Direct access for home movers to buy Searches online without having to rely on their conveyancer to do it for them. This saves significant amounts of time and enables the Searches to be returned sooner in the transaction. We distribute the results to you and your appointed conveyancer at the same time.


We create Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions (CCS) to enable Conveyancers and Estate Agents to work more closely to the benefit of all.

Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions
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Property Searches Direct is a trusted Search partner and is recognised as a firm that consistently exceeds expectations.

We continue to innovate our offerings to make conveyancing a more collaborative experience for all stakeholders; Homebuyers, Estate Agents, Brokers and Conveyancers


Property Searches Direct are dedicated to disrupting the traditional Property Search Market by offering Searches Direct to Home Movers, thus speeding up transaction times. 

We work closely with all Stakeholders in the Home Moving process to drive maximum efficiencies and support Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions (CCS) driving better results for all involved.

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