Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions

Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions (CCS)

Searches that are bound by the Search Code, protecting the Seller, Buyer and Lender, are Property and NOT Client Specific. As such it doesn't matter WHO orders them but WHEN they are ordered.

The market is currently at the brink of a conveyancing melt down and many transactions will simply not make the SDLT holiday deadline due to delays with Searches and Mortgage Offers. Stress levels are rising and many firms are dealing with the frustrations of their numerous clients already.

Property Searches Direct are innovating and driving change, to secure a better start for property transactions enabling all stakeholders to help where they can. Collaboration between the Conveyancer and their network of Estate Agent introducers can only be a good thing. It will not solve all the issues, but it will certainly help. Both sides have recently been pointing the finger at each other, but neither party is perfect on their own. 

We don’t have a magic wand, but we are offering FREE platforms for both Conveyancers and Estate Agents so they can work smarter, together. The platforms will be branded to the Conveyancer to offer peace of mind for all parties, but championed by the Agent, as it supports best practice for the future health of transactions.

The Collaborative Conveyancing Solution enables agents to better prepare their clients for selling and equip them with the tools to gather pertinent information far earlier in the process, ideally at the instruction and marketing stage. Sellers completing protocol forms as they go to the market and ordering the Searches for their future buyer has to be a step in the right direction.

  • Imagine receiving the protocol forms from prospective clients in your region before they are even under offer. 

  • Imagine receiving an acceptable ID/AML* report for the client upfront

  • Imagine being delivered the Searches ready to be sent out to the buyers Conveyancer along with the contract. 

  • Imagine having far more answers to questions than ever before. 

  • Imaging how much faster transactions could proceed. 


Now stop imagining and let us help you to work more collaboratively with your Agents. Here is an example of what the platform looks like.


It consists of:

  • Information for Home Buyers and Sellers

  • Access to Protocol Forms for completion by Seller

  • Back Links to Your Website (most appropriate page)

  • Back links to the Estate Agents Website (most appropriate page(s))

  • Access to our Free to use Hazard Checker to help determine which Searches and Environmental Reports should be ordered

  • Access to our Search Shop for clients to place Search orders direct with us


We are NOT looking to win more conveyancers to place Searches with us.

We are NOT looking for any commissions.

We are NOT looking to displace any of your current relationships with Agents, only to enhance them.

We are simply looking to help you to collaborate with your introducers, for you to win more work and to help gather more vital upfront information, we will make money on Search Orders placed Directly by clients in our online shop. No conveyancer needs to get involved with the money trail for Search orders placed on our site.

What’s even better is where a buyer's lender will not accept a regulated Search, we will order a Council Sourced Search for Free.

If you would like to get involved and deliver Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions to your Estate Agents, please get in touch and we will start to compile your FREE Web Pages for you and your Estate Agents.

CONTACT US to get started.

*we provide a Credas Enhanced ID/AML report that includes checks for International Sanctions and PEPs, tests for Liveness and cross-references facial recognition to Photo ID's that are validated and authenticated. See more here




If you are a conveyancer who would be happy to receive a Search Pack for your purchaser client, despite it having been ordered by the Vendor please do let us know.

Property Searches Direct is amassing a large database of conveyancers who would be happy to participate in property purchases where the Searches have already been ordered by the Seller. As this is being seen as a shift from the 'norm' we are needing to ensure that we can demonstrate that firms unwilling to receive them are a minority and that when an estate agent has an historic relationship with such a firm, we can offer them suitable, progressive firms to work with in the future.



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Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions