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There is every chance that you are here because you have reserved a plot on one of our developments and need to get your Searches underway to avoid delays.

At Lamb & Co, we aim to ensure that our clients are offered as many solutions as possible to help speed up their transaction.

Given that a Conveyancer / Solicitor will not be able to order you searches as soon as you can, as they need to receive full instructions, receive a contract pack, complete ID procedures and then take your funds, we have teamed up with Property Searches Direct Ltd to enable you to get your Searches underway on your new home today.

To identify the pack you need to order use the appropriate postcode in the Hazard Checker from the list of sites below:


When placing your Search order remember to use our unique discount code  Lamb&Co-7

Hazard Checker
Check against Energy & Infrastucture changes that could affect the value and enjoyment of a property
We check residential sites likely to be impacted by proposed local improvements and/or HS2
We look for mining related and natural ground instability, ground movement, Radon, oil and gas
We look for contamination on a site which can occur naturally worsen over time or be from a single event.
We check for flood data relating to river, coastal and surface water
ID / AML Verification and Financial Reports

The Credas Verification product enables you to prove your identity without having to leave the comfort of your sofa and the comprehensive report is delivered directly to us at Lamb & Co. 

We also offer a range of financial reports below. If you have been asked to provide either of these, please follow the appropriate link below to get started. 

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