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Order your ID Verification Report

What Happens Next?

Receiving Invitation 

An invitation to the app will be sent to you via text message (SMS) and email.

Follow the 3 steps closely in the email.


The sender's name will appear as Checkboard. Step 1 will be a link to download the App. Step 2 in the email provides you with a link to get started in the App. Don't do anything in the App unless you have clicked the link in the email.

Entering Your Email Address

Tap on continue and enter your email address. You can tap outside the box or press done to confirm the email address (this depends on your phone).

Identification Section

Step 1: Ensure you have the original in-date passport or driving license before starting this check.

Make sure you can scan the document on a neutral surface. This image which sometimes includes the background will be uploaded to your report.

Address Verification

If you reside in the UK, follow the steps below:

  • Select UK in country

  • Enter the postcode and select address

If you don't reside in the UK, please fill in all address fields.  To add more addresses, please tap on add address and repeat the steps.

Uploading Documents

You can upload documents to provide further evidence for things such as proof of address, employment, source of funds, etc.

Follow the steps below if you need help with uploading your documents:

Step 2: Now that you are in a room with sufficient lighting and a neutral surface to place your document, let's start scanning! 

  • Select the correct issuing country.

  • Next, select the document you wish to scan, either passport or driving license. 

Step 3: Scan the ID, and make sure the whole page fits within the frame.  You want to make sure the photo capture is not blurry and not cropped.

Next, scan your face, ensure the room is bright and that your face fits within the frame

Only required for some reports

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