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Conveyancers, are you feeling broken? Is it time to simplify things?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

At Property Searches Direct we appreciate that it is a very stressful time for conveyancers.

You work at the very sharp pointy end of the house buying and selling process and often receive little thanks for your efforts. Estate Agents have done the 'difficult' part of finding a buyer and bam, it's all over to you! There are just another 143 steps to go and you can facilitate an exchange of contracts, bank your fee and get on with the next one.

Don't worry, upfront information is really becoming a 'thing' and should start to ease your burden quite soon. At Property Searches Direct we recommend that sellers buy their own Searches and complete their Protocol Forms as soon as they market their home so that they:

  1. Are fully aware of any Environmental issues (flooding, contaminated land etc)

  2. Are already 'queueing' for their Local Search (if not already in possession of it)

  3. Have sourced an appropriate Chancel liability policy

  4. Are in hand with information about their Drainage & Water connections

  5. Have a Ground report to offer confidence about what lies beneath

  6. Have gathered all appropriate information to support their protocol forms.

Sellers are thus empowered by the data and reassured that they too have 'done their bit' rather than sitting back and expecting all to go well. Their buyer is delighted because the vendor has demonstrated their commitment and are making efforts to speed up the coming transaction.

Hopefully, many cases that come to you in the future will be packaged up in this way so that you can get on with what you are good at, lawyering. You can stop worrying about whether your client's mortgage offer is in before you order the Searches, they already bought them off the seller, weeks ago!

But what of buyers, I hear you gasp, what if the Searches haven't been done on day 1 of marketing? Simply advise your client to order from us as soon as you receive their intended instructions, it is then entirely their decision and removes the administrative burden from you altogether.

We only sell products that carry the appropriate insurances and kite marks and are recognised by the entire industry as the very best available.

Hundreds of buyers and sellers come to us directly every month so why not hit the simplify button today?

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