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FloodSmart Plus - Flood and Groundwater Risk Assessment

The FloodSmart Plus report is designed to assess risks to a development in Flood Zones 2 or 3. FloodSmart Plus includes a preliminary consultation with the local Environment Agency office and available EA flood risk data.



  • Cover all sources of flooding
  • Clear, concise and conclusive report
  • Easy-to-read ‘traffic light’ risk rating format
  • Provides a review of available flooding data
  • Consultation is undertaken with the Environment Agency and Local Authority where appropriate
  • Clear recommendations provided



  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’ experience
  • Our consultants have built a great working relationship with Environment Agency and Local Authority Officers across the UK
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance
  • Fixed price, great quality and fast delivery


Why choose FloodSmart?

GeoSmart provide a range of assessment levels based upon the location of the site, which flood zone the site is in, the nature of the development proposal, and the complexity of the flood risks involved.

Their reports provide clear and pragmatic advice regarding the nature and potential significance of flood hazards which may be present.

Their consultants assess available data to determine the level of risk based on professional judgement and years of experience.

They are the most cost effective way for you to meet local authority planning conditions and understand the potential flood risk to a site.


If your site is larger than 10 ha please contact for a quote.


About GeoSmart Information
GeoSmart deliver insight on environmental risk and suitability for property development and infrastructure. Their innovative range of desktop reports, data and services, built on a rich heritage of environmental science, enable smarter, more informed decisions.

FloodSmart Plus - Flood and Groundwater Risk Assessment


Please ensure that when placing an order, you have provided us with accurate information about the site. 
You will be required to send us further information about the site uncluding:

  • Site Location Plan
  • Any correspondence with the Local Authority regarding the development
  • An understanding of what the intended development will be for
  • Site plot layout plan (if available)

Please email the supporting information to

For your peace of mind our pack products provide industry expected levels of insurance and are compliant with all regulating bodies and codes of conduct.:

Our Local Authority Search is protected by Professional Indemnity Insurance arranged by Travelers Insurance Co Ltd, the limit of which is £10,000,000. This indemnity also provides cover for errors and omissions in local authority and water company data/records which are used to compile our search reports. The search further benefits from 6 years run-off cover.

Our Drainage & Water Reports come with a £2 Million indemnity insurance from 'stewart title'

The Airchecker Report comes with a PI cover of £2million

The Ground Report comes with £1 million of indemnity cover in the aggregate in respect of any one Property.

The Homecheck Pro Report is backed by £10 million professional indemnity insurance.

The Groundsure Homebuyers Environmental report comes with Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance. Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers/tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.

The Envirosearch Residential Report comes with: a Radon screen- Insurability statement,  PI cover of £10million, Free ‘Further Action’ risk re-review service and £150,000 Contaminated Land excess free remediation contribution

The Homecheck Flood Report comes with a Consultant assessment on high risk sites, Clear next steps, £10m PI cover of £10million, Insurability statement, is Law Society compliant, FloodRe eligibility indicator

Our No Search Chancel Repair Insurance Policy provides up to £500,000 of Indemnity Insurance per property.

Argyll Energy & Infrastructure report comes with a Professional Indemnity Cover of £10million (terms apply)

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