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How can Property Searches Direct help Estate Agents and their Mortgage Brokers?

No need to wait for the conveyancer to order Searches as clients now have direct access.

Work more closely with your vendors to get them legally prepared and turbo charge your sales pipeline!

Work closer with your preferred conveyancer, find out what you can bring to the party for them.

Get LegaLly Prepared

FOR YOUr business



FOR YOUr business

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If you have not embraced technology to help you with your AML / ID Procedures yet, you may wish to consider our support.

When it comes to ID and AML procedures, we are fans of Credas solutions. Enable Home Movers to complete the process remotely, capturing selfies and appropriate documentation in a secure app in minutes. See the steps client take below.

The App is available for your clients to download via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

If you would like to be able to offer this solution, please contact us to discuss your needs. We will be happy to take the burden of ID/AML away from you.

Verify someones identity in under a minute with the simple and easy to use Credas mobile app. 


By simply taking a selfie and a photo of an ID document, our system performs 100’s of checks to verify a person’s identity.

We also ask the user to perform a unique action to prove that they’re a real living person meaning you can be sure of who you’re dealing with. 


Additionally, we can also perform a range of additional checks such as Anti-Money Laundering, Right To Work, Right To Rent and many more, helping your business to stay legal and compliant.


Outsource to us and let us take the strain for you so you can get on with business.

What about Financial Reporting?

If you ever require your purchaser to prove that they have funds to back up an offer ahead of agreeing a sale, we have a set of reports for you to engage clients with. See more information about Armalytix Reports here and see the video below.  We make these products available when you need them and manage the process for you. If ever you wanted to have full control, we can get you set up with your own Dashboard to request orders yourselves.



How many times have you heard your progress chaser utter the phrase 'we're still waiting for Searches'?  Chances are it's an almost daily occurrence!

We offer estate agents the opportunity to help their purchasers move from just 'interested' to turbo charged when a Vendor has not already ordered the Searches.

In a seller's market, buyers need an edge to stand out from the crowd - that edge is for them to be 'Search ready'!

Traditionally, Searches are requested when the buyers Solicitor receives a contract pack and takes money on account - not any more. 

We enable buyers to purchase a compliant Search Pack online 24hrs a day. We encourage agents to ask their purchaser to use our Hazard Checker to determine which Search Pack to buy, and then buy it, without delay.  We are currently saving weeks in transaction timescales, enabling you to get your exchanges through sooner. Our environmental reports are usually returned within an few hours.

See the model on page 10 of our 'Guide to Handling the SDLT Deadline and Beyond' which is downloadable HERE

Now that's a motivation for everyone!

Vendors judge buyers by their actions and what you tell them. 
When buyers fall in love with a property and ask what else they can do, you now have an answer, 'order your Searches from Property Searches Direct and move directly to the front of the queue.'

Never tell your vendor that Searches have yet to be done again, control the uncontrollable with Property Searches Direct.

Don't wait for Solicitors to eventually order Searches; Get your buyer to order them straight away and speed up the transaction process.

All our packs and products are fully compliant as we have been delivering to Solicitors for years.

We may not be able to get Searches back any quicker, but we promise to get Searches back sooner. This is simply because they can now be ordered at the start of the transaction.

Engage your clients and purchasers with your own white-labelled Home Movers Page to help speed up transaction times. 

Get LegaLly Prepared

There has been a lot of talk about Vendors getting 'Legally Prepared', but not many agents have got to grips with what that actually means.


Getting a Vendor Legally prepared involves instructing a Conveyancer at the point of going to the market and having vendors complete their initial protocol forms (Property Information Form, Fixtures and Contents, Leasehold Information Questionnaire, if required). By doing so, the conveyancer can obtain much of the data required to create a contract pack in readiness for an agreed sale, helping to significantly save time, and stress, at the point of a sale being agreed. For anyone wanting to complete their protocol forms before instructing a Conveyancer, they are available to download on your Home Movers Page. No need to print them as they are editable on a PC or Laptop.

We have a dedicated site that you can use if you are focusing on Getting your clients Legally Prepared.

Take a look at and ask for your white-labelled version today.

Download Your Copy

Property Searches Direct also recommends Sellers check our Hazard Checker and purchase the appropriate Search pack in readiness for agreeing a sale. Searches are usually bought by a buyer but crucially they are PROPERTY SPECIFIC and are exactly the same whether commissioned by the buyer or seller. As soon as a sale is agreed you can negotiate to transfer them to the buyer. We would sell an equivalent pack to the buyer and refund the seller 100% of the cost of their pack.


A legally prepared Vendor with a Search Pack available is a faster transaction in your sales pipeline.



CALLING ALL ESTATE AGENTS: Get involved with Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions (CCS)

Want to work closer with your preferred Conveyancer?

Get involved with Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions (CCS) by asking your conveyancer to get in touch with us to build them their FREE CCS pages. Once complete, all we will need from you is your Logo and preferred Back Links. Example Here

Quote from Estate Agency Owner:

"Brilliant idea, I believe there should be a radical change in the whole conveyancing process.  Its amazing in this digital age that it still takes as long for solicitors to complete a sale as it did when I first started in the business in 1988!"