Up front data, get legally prepared, get contract ready... 
You've heard them all!!


So how can we help you to deliver a solution with NO COST to your business that actually speeds up transaction times and engages your vendors with the process?

Below is a sample Get Legally Prepared page. These are built and hosted at no cost to you and are designed with your branding in mind. They are, in effect, a white-labelled microsite that you can refer your vendors to.

They take clients through 5 steps, the first being to ensure that you are instructed, the next 4 are to help them to identify themselves, order their Searches in readiness for finding a buyer (100% refunded when a buyer is found and pays for them), complete their standard Protocol Forms (not traditionally made available until they have instructed a conveyancer) and then some guidance on instructing a conveyancer.

Have a look at the iFrame below or if you are on the mobile site use the following link to see a sample page:


Why do we exist?

Are we Passionate about what we do?

These questions are answered, and more, in this 24 minute rant-terview with David Mintz of Kerfuffle

At Kerfuffle you can find out about our special Kerfuffle Deal for Agents wanting to do more to help their clients to move faster.

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