Your Branded Logbook is coming to your region


Property Logbooks are coming for every one of the 28 million residential properties in the UK.

How about dominating your territory by delivering a branded, feature rich, digital logbook that tracks value, stores documents, creates reminders and keeps property owners interested in your property market and engaged with their home.

At every valuation, leave your prospective client with an engaging piece of technology designed to help them keep their property data organised.  Whether they choose to sell now or at a future date, your brand remains front and centre within the delivery of their logbook. 

You will know when the Home Owner changes their Logbook status from 'Settled' to 'Doing Up', 'Thinking of Selling' or even 'Selling'. 

Your finger on the pulse, Your brand front and centre, Your unique advantage!

Better still, the Logbook becomes an incredible tool and repository for all of the documents that a homeowner needs to keep secure ready to be shared when selling; even if that is some years away.

When thinking of selling, your prospective clients will be presented with your details and a list of tasks to complete to get better prepared for their move; showing you their solid commitment to moving.

This speeds up a transaction, makes the process more inclusive and transparent, improves access to documents and reduces stress and wasted time and money.

Do you want to get involved?

We are Beta testing with a select number of market leading agents throughout September. If you would like to be involved, get in touch with us to register your interest and discuss the future.

Having Logbooks available for your entire postcode area will be made available from as little as £149 per office per month.

Up front data, get legally prepared, get contract ready... 
You've heard them all!!


So how can we help you to deliver a solution with NO COST to your business that actually speeds up transaction times and engages your vendors with the process?

Below is a sample Get Legally Prepared page. These are built and hosted at no cost to you and are designed with your branding in mind. They are, in effect, a white-labelled microsite that you can refer your vendors to.

They take clients through steps, the first being to ensure that you are instructed, the next are to help them to identify themselves, complete their standard Protocol Forms (not traditionally made available until they have instructed a conveyancer) and then some guidance on instructing a conveyancer.  They can also order their Searches to reduce the timescales on their related purchase.

Have a look at the iFrame below or if you are on the mobile site use the following link to see a sample page:

Agent Help Line: 01675 624084

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