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BREAKING NEWS! Organised Crime is taking place, NOT just in the Capital.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It is apparent from a recent report in 'The Negotiator' that Organised Crime is taking place in the Wold's and Shire's and is not just taking place in Central London!! Criminal gangs now have so much cash that they are even venturing outside the M25! And if that isn't shocking enough it would seem that Estate Agents in these rural idyll's are being preyed upon because they manually check photo ID's and hope for the best.

If only there was a remote way that Estate Agents could easily protect themselves from such skullduggery! If only Estate Agents could stop trying to be experts at spotting fake documents! Imagine if biometric data could somehow be embedded into passports and driving licences could be scanned to prove their validity.........wouldn't that be amazing?

YAWN......Come on, guys! If any Agent isn't using electronic ID/AML services where have you been for the last 5 years, playing on your SEGA Megadrive or simply avoiding progress?

STOP hoping and START doing - Property Searches Direct offer a FREE outsourced ID/AML solution that ticks all the boxes and prevents anyone from falling into these traps.

We love Credas because it is a remote solution that is simple, reliable and widely accepted. Your client downloads an App (anywhere in the world 24/7) pays and checks out. They take a selfie, confirm their full name, address and D.O.B, take a photo of their photo ID and any documents required and where NFC technology is recognised as being available in the device it will read the chip in their passport. The completed report will be sent to your own secure dashboard and whoever in your team needs to know it has been completed will be notified by email.

If anyone won't do it, has a convoluted reason why they can't do it, ask yourself why. This makes catching out crime child's play, so come on, stop making life difficult for yourselves and making it easy for criminals.

Turn the tables today and get in touch with us TODAY: Book a quick meeting here


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