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Introduction to Cash Buyer Due Diligence Reports for Cash Buyers

We do things differently at Property Searches Direct and we have some products designed specifically for Cash Buyers to ensure that transactions can move at speed. We supply direct to home buyers to that things can get underway as quickly as possible without the need for a conveyancer to get involved with ordering products.

Video Transcript:

"Good morning Dan here from Property Searches Direct I do hope this finds you well.

For those of you that don't know about Property Searches Direct we are a search provider with a difference. We are the only current search provider that will provide products direct to you the home purchaser.

We set out to speed up transactions and look at developing or helping to develop the products that enable people to engage with transactions faster.

How many times have you gone into the negotiations of a property that you really want and you are looking to buy it cash, okay you may re-finance it later but you're going to buy cash, you're talking about speed, only to then go to your conveyancer who says "Ah but in that area it's going to take however long, it could take weeks" and suddenly your "we'll get this done in in a couple of weeks" turns into a couple of months.

So we have introduced a few products that will be of use to investors that are wanting to get things done really quickly. So our Cash Buyer Due Diligence check for example is a Local Authority Search, it contains about 70% of the Local Authority Search data and it has an insurance policy that indemnifies the rest.

So better than a no search policy, because it provides you with 70% of the data, but as quick as a no search policy because the whole thing completes in less than 24 hours, I say less, about 24 hours, so 24 working hours.

So that's a really great product so you can get those answers that you need really quickly and get yourselves in a position where you can move on and not have a conveyancer turn around and going oh yeah but I need to look after your interests.

The interest in this report is for you, the insurance policy is written in your name and it's insuring your potential, if there were any, losses rather than insuring a lenders, so it is bespoke for you as the investor. So that's a nice thing.

Find out more about us at

My name is Dan.

If you have any questions please do get in contact with me you'll find my details in the About Us section.

Take care"


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