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Computers For Home Schooling

Property Searches Direct were invited as a supplier to the property industry to donate to a fundraiser, which we happily did. The activity struck a chord with us as a business given that many of us and our friends are having to manage with Home, Work and School life like never before.

However, many of us are very fortunate to be able to provide the appropriate technological support to enable our children to participate in remote learning being delivered by schools across the country. The same cannot be said for many families struggling to make ends meet though.

The fundraiser, set up on gofundme, was organised by Stephen Brown (Founding member and Volunteer at Agents Together) who set the challenge to raise £50,000 to provide less fortunate children with computers, laptops and tablets to support their learning during lockdown. The fundraiser has garnered significant support from many corners of the industry, by we believe that this is only the start of something really meaningful.

Property Searches Direct has offered to donate £10 for every Search Pack order placed using a unique identifier code shown on the Hazard Checker page of the website. We hope to not only help more agents to engage with the behaviour of helping Home Movers to place Search orders sooner, but also to support the fundraiser as a result. It has to be a win win doesn’t it?

Either way, we very keen that the fundraiser is something that all agents can and should engage with either with us, or independently.

Property Searches Direct is pleased to be a part of this effort to help those less fortunate to engage with their continued education and alleviate another worry that some families may have at this time.

More information and to donate directly can be found here


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