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Digital Property Logbooks - Why have one? Why not?

Useful Link to claim your Property Logbook:

Video transcript"

"Hi, it's Dan here from Property Searches Direct, I do hope this finds you well.

When you come to sell or buy a property there's so much paperwork that you need. It can be quite overwhelming and even worrying, scrambling around trying to locate the documents, desperate to avoid yet more costs and delays.

So you'll be pleased to know there is a simpler way.

Your home has a digital twin known as a Twindig, now these are digital property logbooks that enable you to organise your greatest asset. They're simple to use, you easily store all of the important documents in there, then if you come to sell in future or you need to check something, everything's easy to find.

Another useful feature that's built into the logbook is the ability to set yourself some reminders so you never forget the big things. So when your mortgage term is nearing a renewal or you're looking for the best deals for your car insurance you put in there. So useful reminders you can set in there.

You can even keep track of the small things like checking the batteries in the smoke alarm or gas safety checks; that's quite a big thing actually.

There's extra features that we have in there that'll enable you to keep track of the property market and the house prices within your area without having to spend hours hunting around over the internet to find the information. It's all pushed straight through to your logbook.

If you do sell, then we have our integrated Hazard Checker. This will show you the environmental hazards that will be highlighted to the conveyancer when they're acting for your buyer. So it'll be forewarning you as to what may come up. So if you wanted to get reporting when going to the market to overcome any issues there may be or belay any fears, then that'll help you do that.

There's also a digitised BASPI form. Now that's a Buyers and Sellers Property Information form, that you can complete that helps you to organise all of the stuff you need to keep together so that when you go to instruct a conveyancer when you go to the market, you can share that information with them immediately without having to hunt around. So it's a great way of getting yourself better prepared for selling.

They're entirely free to use, the information in there is free, there's nothing chargeable so you've got nothing to lose by just going to claim one. So follow the link either up above me or down below or wherever we put it, but go and claim your free digital property logbook today and explore and have fun but most importantly get your asset as well organised as you possibly can.

Thanks for watching.

Take care"


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