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The Property Market Insights Podcast is now live

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

You can choose to watch the recorded episodes on YouTube or through your preferred Podcast Player.

Whether it’s the House Price Index, mortgage and bank rates, transaction volumes, where’s hot and where’s not, there should be something for everyone with an interest in property.

So whether you are an estate agent, conveyancer, investor or home mover, we hope that you will join us each week as we discuss the topics that drive change. If you have specific questions or topics that you would like us cover, please get in touch so that we can include them in future episodes on this podcast and YouTube where we will be posting a video recording of each episode, as on occasion we may show some graphs or data that we are discussing that won’t work too well on the podcast alone.

Find the show at:

or subscribe to the YouTube Channel where each episode will be show every Friday.

Here is the First Episode


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