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Estate Agents - Let PSD be the filling in your perfect sandwich!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Doesn't that look great? A perfect marriage of the best quality ingredients

At PSD we are working around the clock to help Estate Agents build regional panels of progressive local conveyancers that support the gathering of ‘upfront data’ to speed up your pipeline.

  • We are NOT selling conveyancing services!

  • We are NOT trying to displace your current relationships!

  • We are NOT trying to 'muscle in' or charging a monthly fee!

  • We are NOT panel managers!

To help, we are asking Estate Agents that believe collaboration with progressive law firms in new ways to reduce transaction times could work.

Can you help with this vital research to help create a unique offering for all parties?

If YES please click below:

If MAYBE - & you need more details, please get in touch.

If NO - we won’t be (too) offended!

Here is to a more collaborative and productive conveyancing system.


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