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How to win instructions and make more money - Calling all Estate Agents.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The current conveyancing process in the UK is generally accepted as ‘not fit for purpose’ with ongoing fall-through rates in excess of 30%

This situation is further exacerbated by Searches, Surveys and mortgage offers taking far longer than they should, further worsened by COVID and the rush to complete before the beginning of April.

Buying and selling houses is very stressful and full of problems and pitfalls for all parties, millions of pounds are wasted year after year. There are huge implications for all stakeholders, buyers and sellers lose confidence and those that work on a 'no move-no fee' basis waste countless hours with no reward.

There must be a way to help circumvent the current problems, we need to find innovative, yet simple, solutions to help alleviate the issues. We believe that getting Vendors legally prepared does just this.

If Sellers ordered their Searches, completed legal Protocol Forms and ID/AML checks on the day the For Sale board went up in the garden the market would be far more fluid.

How would this help me?

Proactive Estate Agents could be confident that their seller was motivated and doing everything to be ready for their move. Buyers would be encouraged by the Sellers actions and would probably be able to access all information pertinent to the purchase on day 1. The buyer's solicitor can be presented with a complete Search pack upon instruction leaving them to get on and do the lawyering.

The journey for Home-movers starts at our Home Movers page and guides them to appropriate services depending on where they are in the house buying / selling process. Our unique Hazard Checker is the door to our secure online shop where both buyers and sellers can buy their Searches. We help Estate Agents and Conveyancers collaborate better together and provide both parties with free bespoke marketing pieces and host web landing pages to reinforce the message.

We are dedicated to helping the UK property market improve and believe that you literally hold the keys to making that happen!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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