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Knowledge is power!

Don't let the discovery of environmental data derail your transaction when it is almost too late.

Buying property in the UK is like being caught in a real-life game of Snakes & Ladders. It can all be going really well one minute and quite the opposite the next!

The traditional conveyancing process tends to revolve around protecting the lender's investment NOT protecting you. Most property searches are commissioned many weeks into a typical transaction when contracts are issued, surveys paid for, mortgage offers are in and YOU are pretty much committed financially to going ahead!

What most buyers don't realise is that there is a plethora of information available relating to all 28 million plus properties in England & Wales. This information arms you with everything you will need to make an informed decision pertaining to:

  • Flood Risk

  • Radon Gas

  • Contaminated Land

  • Energy & Infrastructure

  • Ground Stability

  • Other Environmental Factors

Much of the information in a report will help you to decide the level of survey you will wish to instruct as a property in an area with a high risk of ground instability should really have a Homebuyers Survey to check for any historic movement. Equally, if you discover that there is a high risk of flooding from river or even surface water, then having a conversation with the current owners right at the start of the transaction with some direct questions about historic flood events could save you a lot of money and heartache weeks down the line.

Imagine buying a property on Marsh Lane, Quarry Close, Riverside View, or even Sandy Lane. There is a good chance that the names aren't entirely random and the far-reaching history of mining in the UK is not limited to just coal.

Property Searches Direct makes all property searches, including environmental reports available to buyers and sellers alike.

Ready to buy an environmental report? Click HERE

If you need any help deciding which report to order just give us a call.

Just want to discover what the likely risks are at the property you are considering buying? Use our FREE Hazard Checker postcode screening service HERE.


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