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Property Logbooks are here!

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Get involved now and help drive progress rather than having to play catch up.

secure depository of information

A Property Logbook?

When you sell a car you can usually put your hands on the documents required by the buyer to give them peace of mind. A V5, service history and MOT certificates. The buyer is also able to complete an HPI check online to check the legal status of the vehicle, much like a buyer of a property buys a Local Search, Drainage & Water report, and some environmental reports. But what happens when you sell a property?

A property sale can be a little more complicated than the sale of a car and yet homeowners are far less concerned about the whereabouts of vital information and documents that would be required if ever they wanted to sell. Invariably the hunt for information starts at the point at which a sale has been agreed, which can lead to significant delays in the transaction.

Why have a digital Property Logbook?

A property logbook is a place where a home owner can store all of the important documents and information online in a secure digital environment. A digital logbook can be kept up to date with any paperwork presented to the homeowner following electrical installations, window fitting, boiler replacements, extensions, gas safety certificates, check-in inventories and so on. Being a digital environment means that the property logbook is a far more practical solution that trying to keep paperwork safe and in order. Being digital and available online also makes access to it immediate from wherever you are in the world and sharing the contents at the point of need is far easier too.

Why should an Estate Agent get involved with Digital Logbooks?

An estate agent is invariably the first point of contact for anyone considering moving home. They are also the primary source of information sought by a home owner that is wishing to understand market conditions and the security of their property assets. A great digital logbook not only provides the home owner with a smart depository for documents, but, it also provides them with things like market price analysis, EPC data validity, council tax bandings, internet speeds, mobile coverage, latest transaction values and an ability to set useful reminders for things like tenancy renewals, mortgage rate expiries, insurance renewals or even your next MOT.

Having your Estate Agency Brand associated with a Digital Logbook of this nature ensures that you build a long term relationship with your local market place and secure your position as the Go-To agent to engage with when considering selling. You can deliver one to every valuation you complete and set one up for every new home owner when they move in.

Get involved with a Market Leading Digital Logbook

Property Searches Direct work closely with Twindig, a market leading suppliers of dynamic digital Property Logbooks. We integrate our solutions for estate agents in to the 'Your Home Sale' section of the Logbook where the Home Owner is presented with a series of tasks, uniquely configurable to the Estate Agents requirements, to ensure swift client engagement with your business and access to resources to help speed up transaction times. We are the only business delivering a Twindig (a digital twin of a home) to the Estate Agency sector of the property industry and are keen to show progressive Estate Agents the power and value of delivering Property Logbooks to your market place.

Find out more today by visiting our website and or claim a Free Logbook for your home today!


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